Mad as Hops Productions

Mad as Hops is a theatre company in St. John's, Newfoundland.

We produce modern pieces of theatre with young adults.


Our Fall 2023 Production!

The Grown-Ups

by Simon Henriques and Skylar Fox

The campers are all finally asleep, and the lake is getting quiet. Have a beer; make a s’more; tell a scary story. Figure out what you’re going to have to do in the morning to keep camp fun and safe without letting the kids find out about... well, you’ve seen the news. I just got a push notification—they’re getting closer.

Following a group of camp counselors trying to mold the leaders of tomorrow when tomorrow is looking bleaker and bleaker, The Grown-Ups explores the traditions that change us, what it takes for us to change them, and how to change yourself when you’re hopelessly, tragically not prepared for this.

“An apocalyptic play... part satire, part scary story.” – The New York Times

Barbara Barrett Theatre

November 2 - 4 @ 7pm

UPDATE: Show runs two hours, no intermission